How can I find a jam (battle or contest) to compete in?


Go to the list of battles free to join, choose a battle and enter.


Go to the list of contests free to join, choose a contest an contribute. Note that unlike for battles you must have prepared your jam track already.

I want to create a new battle / contest

First you have to choose the backing track of your choice to serve as a basis for your jam.

To do so, find a backing track in the audio track list that suits your needs (be sure that you only filter for backing tracks). If you have found a track, go to its page - there will be a button to create a new jam based on it.

I have joined a battle / want to join a contest, now what?

In order to contribute in the jam, you need to upload an audio track you want to use in the jam:

  1. Upload your jam track via the quick-upload form.
  2. If your audio file was valid, it takes a short while until your upload is encoded. You will receive a notification (in the upper right corner) if it is ready to use.
    • For contests: Go to the contest you want to join. You can now select your newly uploaded audio file as jam track.
    • For battles: Either go to the battles' page and select your track as jam track or go to the audio tracks' page - there will be a button to use the track in one of your open battles.

How do I vote?

Hover over the vote bars to vote and click on your desired rating.

Note that the voting phase must still be ongoing, you must be logged in and not be a participant of the jam.

I have created a cool backing track - how can I upload it?

Use the the backing-track upload form.

Please provide useful information for the description and tags, as other jammers will use this for finding suitable backing-tracks.

I want to challenge someone specific for a battle

First, create a battle as described above. Then, in the battle creation form, select the jammer you want to challenge in the "other jammer" field.

Note that the jammer you want to challenge must have allowed to be challenged, otherwise he / she will not appear in the list!